Training in Hydroponic Farming in Ileret

The students together with their facilitators from Ileret's hydroponics training As part of the Water Energy for Food Programme Funded Project in Ileret, we have been conducting training in Hydroponic Farming for local community members. In June this year, we conducted public participation meetings to let people know about the opportunity and [...]

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TBI’s Community Outreach program

TBI’s ongoing success requires the support and participation of local communities in the areas in which we work. Our extensive and long-term support in education, health and livelihoods has an immediate beneficial impact and also provides a platform through which we share information in order to build a robust understanding of TBI’s mission and [...]

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Community Initiatives: Health

Access to healthcare in northern Kenya leaves even basic requirements unmet. While there have been some advancements in recent years, a massive healthcare gap between rural and urban areas remains, especially for pastoralist communities. Geographical inaccessibility and poor resourcing are still major barriers to adequate healthcare. Since its inception, TBI has actively supported health [...]

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Community Initiatives: Education

Education is critical to empowering all members of communities to thrive in our increasingly connected world. It is vital to enabling people to pursue diverse careers, ultimately shaping and enriching the development of entire communities. However, the long term marginalization of the communities with whom we work has resulted in low literacy rates, especially [...]

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Community Initiatives: Livelihoods & Sustainability

As livelihood decisions are strategic and dynamic, TBI's involvement in this regard has led to the realization of  increased opportunities for access to, and control over, use of local resources. It has also led to capacity strengthening and to members of the community making use of those opportunities for subsistence and/or income generating purposes. [...]

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