Technical University Astronomy Students in Ileret

Meet Rashid Nafwa and Vincent Okoth, students from the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) working with the telescope at TBI Ileret. Rashid and Vincent are completing an attachment to meet their final year requirements of gaining practical experience.  Vincent Okoth and Rashid Nafwa preparing for a night of observations Astronomy in general is [...]

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Stony Brook University & TBI

Visit the Stony Brook University website. Stony Brook University serves as the academic base affiliated with the Turkana Basin Institute. It provides facilities and support for lecture series, symposia, outreach, and fundraising activities; an academic home for graduate and postdoctoral students from both America and Africa; and Internet library access for the research centers at [...]

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A message from our Founder, Richard Leakey

Dr Richard Erskine Frere Leakey (1944 - 2022) Since I first began my career in the study of human evolution I have been continually impressed by the tremendous public interest that exists for the subject. I have enjoyed the chance to lecture to large audiences all over the world. Wherever I have [...]

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About TBI

In 2005, Richard Leakey outlined to Stony Brook his concept for an institute that could provide the permanent infrastructure to enable year-round research in this remote area of sub-Saharan Africa. The University enthusiastically endorsed the idea of TBI, committing funds for the Stony Brook end of the project. Additional fundraising began in 2006; construction of [...]

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Importance of the Turkana Basin

The Turkana Basin region is a source of unprecedented fossil and archaeological evidence for all major stages of human development. This is the place where our story is written. Every human being alive today shares DNA inherited from a common ancestral population that we currently believe lived in or within a few hundred miles of [...]

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Timeline of Exploration

For over a century, explorers and scientists have been drawn to the Turkana Basin with a sense of awe for its remoteness and its secrets. The first paleontological expedition to the Turkana Basin occurred in 1902; the pace quickened soon after that, and in the following decades numerous expeditions explored the fossil deposits of Lake [...]

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TBI’s Community Outreach program

TBI’s ongoing success requires the support and participation of local communities in the areas in which we work. Our extensive and long-term support in education, health and livelihoods has an immediate beneficial impact and also provides a platform through which we share information in order to build a robust understanding of TBI’s mission and [...]

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