Dr Richard Erskine Frere Leakey

Dr Richard Erskine Frere Leakey (1944 – 2022)

Since I first began my career in the study of human evolution I have been continually impressed by the tremendous public interest that exists for the subject. I have enjoyed the chance to lecture to large audiences all over the world. Wherever I have spoken I have found the same response: a deep interest and a sincere curiosity about our origins.

The whole field of human prehistory is fascinating and it is a science that is on the move. Each year more discoveries are made and as a consequence our understanding changes. With each change, we are closer to the truth and that, of course, is our objective.

The opportunity to facilitate new explorers’ discovery of the treasures buried in the Turkana Basin has been my dream. Much has been realized through the cooperative efforts of Stony Brook University and other institutions, and of course through donations from generous, enlightened philanthropists whose gifts seal their legacy in the timeline of humanity.

I hope the information contained in this website conveys a small sense of what awaits to be discovered in the Turkana Basin and inspires you to join us in unlocking that potential.

Best wishes,

Richard Leakey