TBI has established two field centers, one on either side of Lake Turkana (TBI-Ileret on the east side and TBI-Turkwel on the west), aided by Stony Brook University and by private donor funding. The TBI facilities provide food and accommodation for scientists, students and permanent staff. The centers also contain a range of laboratories, fossil preparation, storage facilities and classrooms for the TBI Field School as well as workshops to support all aspects of research. These facilities have completely transformed the way in which expeditions are mounted, by streamlining logistics and dramatically reducing costs. This has led to a steady increase in the number of research projects being undertaken with TBI’s infrastructure support. These range from the evolution of modern African animals, Miocene apes, and our own genus Homo, to the origins of stone tool culture, spread of modern Homo sapiens, and the beginnings of settled life through farming and animal husbandry.

TBI-Ileret is situated about 3 miles from Ileret village, close to the Kenya-Ethiopia border, on the east side of the lake. Construction of the permanent campus at Ileret began in January 2012 and was completed late 2016. At full capacity, the camp can accommodate approximately 70 people (including support staff), catering from three kitchens and three eating and recreational areas.

TBI-Turkwel is situated on the west side of Lake Turkana, near the village of Nakechichok on the Turkwel River. Construction was started in April 2008, and completed early 2012. At full capacity, the camp can accommodate approximately 100 people (including support staff), catering from two kitchens and two eating and recreational areas.