Installing a Telescope in Ileret

Hello! We are the DART - OPTiK team, a collaboration of researchers from the University of Edinburgh, STFC UKRI, Technical University of Kenya and the Turkana Basin Institute. We will be working at the TBI base in Ileret for the next couple of months to set up a portable telescope which will then take observations [...]

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Hydroponic gardening at TBI

Hydroponic farming allows for highly efficient use of space and water, and provides TBI's research stations with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in an arid environment.

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TBI Ileret building construction update

Over the past year at Ileret there has been great progress with the building of the permanent facility. Three buildings are now completed and are being used, the power supply is in place and the current building is being focused on the large building for the laboratories as well as on the student dining area [...]

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