Education is a fundamental human right and has a powerful impact on the possibilities that children have to determine their future. The pastoralist communities’ economy needs to be much more fully integrated into the national economy through the development of education, which will provide a channel for off-take of people into other livelihood avenues.

Literacy rates remain very low due to high mobility resulting from their nomadic lifestyle, insecurity, poor access to transport, low levels of income, and many other factors. Strong paternalistic values and gender roles have been especially detrimental to girl education in both Turkana and Dassanech communities. The lack of adequate access to primary and secondary education in the Turkana Basin has significantly contributed to stunting development in the area, thus exacerbating problems with the local infrastructure, health and economy. There are now several graduates who have completed higher education courses, some of whom have returned to improve the local community.

Stationery Donations

TBI has helped raised funds and goods in kind for supplying primary school children in Illeret with needed stationery, text books and other school supplies. To discourage a dependancy on free materials, TBI maintains the utilization of an incentive-based donation system for supplies to encourage more student community participation, such as providing stationery for clean-up campaigns, prizes for good grades, and completion of primary school.

Student bursary and volunteer teachers support- Ileret

The salaries of eight teachers at the Ileret Primary School and one teacher at the Talesgaye primary school are currently covered by the TBI community program. Furthermore the committee puts forwards the names of a number of students who are selected based on merit, and are given an opportunity to continue with secondary and higher education. These number over 40 to date from the Ileret community. This program has now been running for one and a half years and has had a significant impact on the Ileret community

Student bursary support- Turkwel

This program began in 2009, At present the bursary program supports over 200 students, whose selection is based on an qualification and need and this is supported by local committees within the greater Turkana county and recommendations from school representatives.

Telesgaye Primary School

With the Nairobi Nomads Cricket team, a weekend at the end of October 2008, was spent playing a friendly cricket match on the shores of the lake with the aims of raising funds for Telesgaye Primary School. Each player raised a sum of money that equipped the school buildings as well as to built a toilet block for the children and teachers. With the furtniture and school supplies bought for the school, kindergarten and grade one were opened beginning of 2009. TBI is continuing it’s fundraising efforts for the school to increase the numebr of classrooms, toilets, and other facilities available.