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TBI assists local communities in the wake of disastrous floods

On Tuesday May 30th, a vast storm hit the Ileret area and brought an immense amount of rain. Within a short period of 9 hours, TBI Ileret facility documented a record-high rainfall of more than 200 mm (8 inches). This amount is much more than a typical rainstorm at Ileret (~20 mm), and more than [...]

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Community Bursary Program update

I am Peter Akol and I help to coordinate the Turkana Basin Institute bursary program. I recently paid a visit to several of the schools that enroll several TBI bursary supported students and would like to share some experiences with you.

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Local Turkana students visit researchers at TBI

The Turkana Basin Institute (TBI) is not only a non-profit organization interested in scientific research in the Lake Turkana region, in addition, TBI works closely with local communities on health and education. The vast majority of the people (population near 900,000) that live on this semi-arid, harsh environment are nomadic pastoralists with cares focused on [...]

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TBI mobile clinic report

The TBI mobile clinic is a stakeholder in the provision of health care services to the people of Ileret location/ward. The team engages in a number of activities and the mobile clinic staff contribute largely to health care provision. The general health care provision constitute a large portion of the team’s work, however rescue services [...]

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Education support in Ileret

The Turkana Basin Institute has, since its inception of the community outreach program, been supporting needy but bright students in high school from both Turkana east and west. This year alone, the bursary scheme has seen 18 students from the illeret community supported in various secondary schools. Aside from the students, TBI is currently paying [...]

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Opening of Loreng’elup Maternity

Despite the delayed blog since the opening of the maternity, i owe it to you to inform you of the completion and opening of Loreng'elup maternity. The Loreng'elup maternity was supported by Safaricom Foundation, Turkana Basin Institute and Stony Brook University through the Department of Health Sciences. The Loreng'elup community were honored to [...]

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Nakechichok Shamba Updates

The Nakechichok Women's Group continue to work hard on their shamba to meet their families needs, increase their income and self reliance.       While they celebrate some good produce, we do have some challenges with the capsicums                   Amazing [...]

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More on the Loreng’elup Maternity Ward

The roof of the maternity was put up as we start to admire what was just a dream now shape itself into a reality and what has become the trademark TBI green roof which is sometimes mistaken for the KWS green greets visitors driving into Loreng'elup.   With the team working on the plaster and [...]

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