The Nakechichok Women’s Group continue to work hard on their shamba to meet their families needs, increase their income and self reliance.


Capsicums affected by the extreme heat.




While they celebrate some good produce, we do have some challenges with the capsicums










Shade Net provided by Peter Silvestre of Royal Safaris

Amazing how the shade net makes such a huge difference to the quality of the spinach as it reduces the amount of sun light to the spinach. Absolutely amazing.




The Eggplants continue to do well providing great sales and food for the households





Leuceana species are grown for their variety of uses, including as green manure, livestock fodder and for soil conservation.



Cucumbers in Nakechichok.




When enjoying this cucumber in a sandwich or salad, you would not know it was planted in Nakechichok. Absolutely delicious




Makes such a good meal.
The cowpeas and green grams are doing very well and looking forward to a bumper harvest
After months of learning, understanding and growing,  facing challenges that came their way, Nakechichok Women Group have taught me that yes it is a journey which began with a first step and now there is need to scale up.  Now they embark on understanding the markets in Lodwar, hotels and restaurants, and with support I am certain the sky is the limit for them. Today as we celebrate International Women’s Day, I would like to salute the women of Nakechichok for the tireless efforts.