With all their new knowledge about our ancestors and the tools they used, students got to make their own stone tools! Knapping -manipulating stone to create a tool – is not as easy as it sounds. Its a real art because you need the right stones, the right force, and need to know where and how to hit the rock in order to create the tool you want. Students enthusiastically practiced half the day and created many razor sharp flakes.  Later in the afternoon, students got the chance to test their tools: the challenge was to butcher a goat using self made stone tools only! Everyone had great fun and in the evening the goats where thrown on the grill!

Instructor Sonia Harmand is explaining to Marcela how to knap

Devora knapping

Eli made a handax

James trying to chip flakes off a core

Anna made some tiny spears

Eunica, Kim, and Hanna are butchering a goat with the stone tools they made earlier

Dr. Sonia Harmand teaching students how to knap

Sarah working on making some cutting flakes

Robert and Mark

Grilling the goats the students butchered in the afternoon

Knapping is great fun, but also tiring!