Yesterday students went to a site rich in pottery shards, ostrich egg shells, stone tools and beads. Even though is was hot, the numerous artifacts that were easily spotted on the sandy surface, made for an exciting afternoon. The site was characterized by large silvery sand dunes and a beautiful vista of Lake Turkana.  The exact age of the site is not know, but its no older than 12,000 years – which is pretty old – imagine holding a piece of clay pottery that was made by humans that long ago! After examining the many different finds, students were eager to go for a refreshing swim in the lake – another amazing day at the Field School!

Picnic with a beautiful lake view under an ancient Acacia tree

Ladies on the sand dunes

A piece of an ostrich egg shell - ostriches are no longer found in this area today

Mark is enjoying the hunt for artifacts

Digser found a piece of decorated pottery

Ancient pottery