Our amazing Africa experience has come to an end – time rushed by at an astonishing speed! We did have a fantastic last day though: a closing ceremony with Drs Richard and Meave Leakey.  After an inspiring speech by Richard Leakey, students received a beautiful TBI Field School certificate. What a great last day! The next morning we left our beautiful home of 10 weeks to head back home – in the rain! This was the first true rain we experienced in Turkana.  Of course, there were emotional good-byes and yes, some tears were shed.  We have learned a lot, had tons of fun, made new friends, and are undoubtedly changed forever.  Kwaheri Kenya and TBI – Asante sana !

James receives his certificate



Eli is clearly having a good time with Dr Richard Leakey

Dr Richard Leakey is addressing the students

We will all miss Tom and Poppy!

Digser and Marcela at Lodwar airport - it was chilly that day thanks to clouds and rain!

Flashback to Day 1 - an exciting picnic in Nairobi National Park!