Supporting Scientific Research & Exploration in the Lake Turkana Basin of Northern Kenya

Life forms through time

October 13th, 2019|

Our ongoing module is Vertebrate Paleontology which is instructed by Prof. Ellen Miller. Students have been learning about the evolution of various forms of life [...]

Camping at Koobi Fora

October 10th, 2019|

On our way to Koobi Fora, we made a pit stop at the fossil elephant site which houses the skeleton of an extinct Elephas recki. [...]

Main Fish Beds Projects

October 1st, 2019|

We are in the last week of the Geology Module. Students have been busy in the field finalizing their projects on the Main Fish Beds [...]

Doing a geological walk!

September 30th, 2019|

The Geology module started on Monday with a quick introductory lesson on safety to prepare students for the field excursions. Our instructor, Dr. Greg Henkes, [...]

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