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Fall 2016 Field School ends 🙁

November 30th, 2016|Comments Off on Fall 2016 Field School ends 🙁

This past semester has been one to remember. The students learned about the Ecology of the Turkana Basin, being able to identify all the common [...]

Stony Brook professor publishes stone tool book

November 28th, 2016|Comments Off on Stony Brook professor publishes stone tool book

Stony Brook University professor John J. Shea recently published a new work through Cambridge University Press entitled Stone Tools in Human Evolution: Behavioral Differences among Technological [...]

Becoming a master knapper

November 21st, 2016|Comments Off on Becoming a master knapper

After returning to TBI from an exciting camping trip, we spent the afternoon relaxing and knapping! We used the raw material we had collected in [...]

Trip to Nariokotome

November 19th, 2016|Comments Off on Trip to Nariokotome

We left TBI Turkwel Monday morning for our camping trip, from which we would be returning on Wednesday afternoon. We would be camping for two [...]

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