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  • Richard Leakey discusses TBI's work with high-profile visitors from Kenya's government.
  • Meave cover shot
  • Students in the Journalism Without Walls program, along with their professors (Ilana Ozernoy, kneeling second from left, and Barbara Selvin, standing second from right) and translators from TBI, pose in the middle of crossing the Turkwel River, which flows beneath the institute. TBI Director Lawrence Martin, standing third from left, helped team members through the deepest stretch of the crossing.
  • TBI hosts Homo habilis workshop
  • TBI and Stony Brook University sponsor Peking Man symposium
  • Spring 2014 Field School Begins!
  • Visit to Turkana Basin Institute by Kenya’s Deputy President
  • Meave Leakey elected to National Academy of Sciences (photo by Mike Hettwer)
  • SBU journalism students visit Turkana Basin

TBI is a research institution supporting scientific projects in the Turkana Basin, Kenya.