In our final week of Geology, Dr. Gathogo took the students out in the field to explore the Miocene and Pliocene sediments in the Turkana Basin. This provided an opportunity for the students to apply their sedimentology skills.

An early morning excursion to Lothagam on Tuesday had students practice their geological skills, which involved an in-depth description of stratigraphic sections. Students worked in groups and produced beautiful geological sections with precise interpretations.

The highlight of the week was the trip to Napudet for an overnight camp. Students had a great time at the camp and even played football. The following day was spent out in the field, identifying various lake (lacustrine) and river (fluvial) deposits. In the field, all students identified and described distinct geological features, as well as the effects of volcanic activity in the Turkana Basin. They were particularly adept at identifying faults and unconformities in these Miocene deposits.

Back at Turkwel, the students had a chance to visit the paleontology lab and the hydroponic farm.

The geology module ended with students sitting for their final exams and later on flying to TBI-Illeret for their next modules.

Stay tuned for more!