To utilize the Turkana Basin Institute’s facilities and services for your research project, you will need:

  1. An affiliation with TBI to receive full logistic support from TBI for your fieldwork. Below you will find links to standard rates tables for TBI facilities and services.  For TBI affiliation we need a formal request for affiliation, a copy of your proposal, your latest curriculum vitae (CV) and a signed agreement to submit a final report upon the conclusion of your project. Please address your request for affiliation to TBI Director of Research and Science Isaiah
  2. A research permit from National Council of Science and Technology (NACOSTI). The application is online here: Include in your proposal a request to export samples if you plan to do so. Applications must be made at least 30 days before planned arrival in Kenya to ensure issuance of permit on time. Note: To apply for this permit you will need an affiliation with TBI.
  3. An Exploration and Excavation Permit (EEL) from the Kenya Government cabinet secretary in charge of sports and heritage. You will need an exploration and excavation permit (EEL), and should write a letter to the Director General of the National Museums of Kenya, Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia, (cc Isaiah Nengo and Emmanuel Ndiema, asking that he contact the cabinet secretary and request an EEL on your behalf. The EEL has to be renewed annually. The DG’s email is:

TBI Services & Costs

Rate sheets for TBI Services & Costs can be downloaded for both TBI-Ileret and TBI-Turkwel:

These tables are also available at