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Steven Heritage earned his Baccalaureate at the University of Hawai'i double majoring in biology and anthropology. He is currently a PhD student at Stony Brook University where he serves as a graduate instructor of human anatomy. He is also a Turkana Basin Institute fellow and the graduate representative for MorphoBank. Steven's dissertation research focuses on the phylogenetic biology and comparative anatomy of Afrotherian mammals and their Paleogene fossil record.

River Sediments and a Trip to Lothagam

A major theme in this week’s Geology lectures has been sedimentology and river systems. For their lab practical, the students collected and analyzed sediment samples from different sites of the Turkwel River. By applying a depositional model, the students hypothesized about the river’s flow history. This semester’s first overnight field excursion was to Lothagam. The [...]

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Field Geology in Motion

The first week of the Geology module wrapped up with a field excursion to the Lothidok Range. Some outcrops at Lothidok expose Oligocene and Miocene strata and have in the past yielded fossils that are important to understanding primate evolution. Dr. Lepre led the students day hiking across a portion of Lothidok while they surveyed [...]

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To the Rocks!

The Geology module of the Fall 2013 Field School is underway and the students are enthusiastically hard at work. Dr. Chris Lepre of Rutgers University is leading the class through the geologic events that have shaped East Africa and by extension our own evolution. Class discussions have included geologic time, radioisotopes, stratigraphy, hydrology, tectonics and [...]

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