As the Nakechichok women continue their efforts to feed their families, their challenge had always been the means to fetch water from the river. They struggled with the basic buckets, drawing water from the river and watering the plants.


With the money maker installed, where the inlet is just submerged into the flowing Turkwel River, we realize the impact a little boost can go in helping water the plants, increase and better the input as well as reduce the physical strain on them.














Now the women’s efforts can be spread around and some can engage in weeding, and they can divide themselves to have some come in the morning and others in the evening to water the plants.

And we appreciate the increase in the productivity and of course the  increase in the morale of the women.




The celebrations do not come without challenges






Walking around the shamba we could see the plants nearest to the money maker recieved sufficient water while the ones further away suffered the insufficient water supply. A realization that they needed about 2 more money makers to support their efforts.

And as the sun sets on River Turkwel, i ponder on how soon we can order for the 2 machines, as we discuss possible expansions and scale ups to Nakwaperit and beyond, Dino Martins a TBI post doctoral fellow suggests setting up a seed bank to support these projects and reducing the cost of purchasing seeds while identifying with seeds that are adopted to the dry lands and with eventual training of the community.

This discussion increases my appreciation for science as i continue to see the  various ways that Science can benefit Humanity.