The excavation crew have completed the first excavation after four weeks of work. They have now moved to a new site where fossil hunter Robert Moru found a hominid femur last year.

From the excavation site in Area 129.

Unfortunately after four weeks of excavation no additional hominid fragmends were found from this excavation. The original specimen, part of a hominid face was encased in a solid sandstone block. The crew spent several days looking carefully at all the sandstone pieces that were in the vicintiy but were unable to recover any more of this important specimen. They have now moved camp closer to Area 129 where there are several sites to be worked.


A hominid specimen, a partial mandible, was found in Area 129 in 2007 by Martin Kirinya. Last week the team did a hill crawl here which led to the recovery of several hominid fragments, so the team are having some more success with this one.


The field crew have now moved on to the excavation of Roberts femur site, and hope to find additional pieces of this specimen.