With the generous support of National Geographic Society Missions programs we are back to the field again.

The field season started in the last week of May. It has been a very wet year in the north with lots of rain and the area is looking so green, covered in mats of flowers and long grass. The wildlife and people in this area will be less stressed for the time being.

Due to the success of last season we have got a great deal of work to get done on excavations to make sure that we have completed the screens for several finds.

We are basing a smaller team out of what we call a “Fly Camp”. Its essentially a very minimal camp that can be moved easily and quickly to new locations. The crew have a few tents and basic equipment under some trees very close to the sites that are being screened. This way transport to and from the site is minimised and time on the site is maximised. It means that once the 4 weeks on a site are over then the camp will move to a new area to begin the work on the next excavation.




Our field crew at the moment is as follows;

Lawrence Nzuve, Aike, Elgitei and Sale are working on the excavation at the moment. Hosea is looking after the camp and preparing meals.


Martin Kirinya and Appollo are working in the laboratory accessioning and sorting the fossils.

Meanwhile the preparation of specimens continues in the laboratory at TBI at Ileret – Linga, John and Arbollo are working with Christopher Kiarie who is instructing them on preparation techniques.