We close this season very content knowing that it has been a success. Its been exciting with several good discoveries made by several members of the field crew but as a result we spent longer on the sieves than finding new fossils.  The sieving is hot work especially in the afternoons. We sit by the screens in the hot sun looking for little fragments of fossil in the screens. The good thing about sieving a site is that we often recover the bones of many smaller things such as rodents and birds, frogs and this year we also found several crab claws from the dir of Nyetes site pictured below.

So now we have a good collection of specimens, many of which are currently being cleaned and prepared in the laboratory at TBI ileret. We have taken a break now as eveyone needs a quick visit with their families before more time in the field. It is now time for taking stock of our discoveries.













The large sieve area at Nyete’s hominid site

Thank you all for following our progress and for your support.

I will post updates from the laboratory at Illeret and again when we are out in the field.













The crew says Kwaheri for now.