Just days after discovering the first hominid of the season in area 10, John seems to have done it again.The field crew moved into a new area and it was not long before he spoted a tooth lying on the surface. Its hard to spot these fossils as you can see from the picture below, you really need to look very carefully.














John’s hominid molar

This area has not produced many specimens in the past and when they are found, many of the specimens are very broken due to livestock damage. The sediment also is the type that does not preserve fossils very well. John_points_to_the_tooth_spot













John pointing to the hominid spot; crew members talk enthusiastically in the background

As is usual with hominid finds a big screen was done and after careful work over several days more fragments were recovered which hopefully will join with the rest of the pieces already found.














the resultant sieve and the crew getting professional