Hippos at Mpala Research Centre

|Hippos at Mpala Research Centre


Students of the Turkana Basin Institute Origins Field School observe a Hippo pod at Mpala Research Centre in central Kenya. Part of the Ecology course of the program, students’ experiences at Mpala provide a context for visualizing the ancient landscape of Lake Turakana several million years ago.

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Hello! My name is Deming Yang. I am the Resident Academic Director for the Origins Field School, Spring 2018. I am a PhD candidate in the IDPAS program at Stony Brook University and a TBI graduate fellow. Before joining Stony Brook for graduate school, I worked in Kenya for three years and gained amazing field experience. I have broad interests in early hominin evolution and paleoecology. My research is about dietary evolution in Plio-Pleistocene pig lineages. https://sites.google.com/a/stonybrook.edu/deming-yang/