South Turkwel

The Intricate Beauty of Geology

Greetings from the hot and sunny Turkwel, Turkana! It's Mishy and Alisa reporting on our first week of the Geology module with Professor Patrick Gathogo. Let’s go through some highlights and key points: On the first Monday, February 5, we were briefed on safety measures (S, H, E) for keeping safe, hydrated [...]

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Paleoanthropology in South Turkwel

Hello,  I am Tom Otube, an environmental science graduate from Kabarak University. This week we started our Human Evolution module which is taught by Dr. Carrie Mongle and Dr. Louise Leakey.  On the first day, Dr. Mongle took us through the course objectives and an overview of human evolution by providing the historical context of [...]

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Crawling to figure out how we stood

When scientists first set out to study human origins, the Victorian armchair theorists figured it was our big brains that set us apart from the animal kingdom. They expected the fossils of our earliest ancestors to have voluminous noggins but not be built for walking. This walking business would emerge after we realized how useful [...]

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