About Abigale Koppa

Hello! I am Abby Koppa, the TBI Field School TA for Fall 2014, a third-year PhD student at Stony Brook University in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, and a TBI Graduate Fellow. My research interests include the nutritional and mechanical properties of East African savanna plants, paleoecology, and hominin paleodiet.

Trip to Lothagam

Hi, we’re Eloise and Stacey, third year Archaeology and Anthropology students from University College London. We are interested in hominin evolution and behaviour, as well as past environments. Just three days into the geology module, it was time for a two day camping trip to Lothagam, an ancient lake and river bed system to the [...]

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Trip to Central Island

This Sunday, Field School students took advantage of the day off with a trip to Central Island, an island in (you guessed it) the center of Lake Turkana. Both Dr. Martins and Dr. Lepre were on hand to offer ecological and geological expertise. The day started off bright and early with a walk across the [...]

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Studying Local Stratigraphy

We have just finished the first week of the Field School's geology module, taught by Dr. Chris Lepre of Rutgers University. Studying geology means lots of time spent  out in the field and the students began with a lab exercise examining local stratigraphy (rock layers). TBI-Turkwel sits on the Nachukui Formation, famous for its rich [...]

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Football at Nakweperit Primary School

During the Field School, students have class Monday through Saturday, with Sundays off for rest and relaxation. Often, Dr. Martins will organize Sunday activities for those students who crave a little more excitement on their day off. Last Sunday morning, all fifteen Field School students, plus several members of the TBI staff, headed to nearby [...]

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Our First Lab Exercise!

Hello from TBI-Turkwel! Monday marked the start of classes in the first module of the Fall 2014 TBI Field School, Ecology of the Turkana Basin, taught by Dr. Dino Martins. So far, students have learned about African savanna biodiversity, coevolution, mimicry, Rift Valley biogeography, vector biology, plant/pollinator interactions, evolutionary stable strategies, and lots more. Many [...]

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