The Turkana Basin Institute is delighted to welcome our new Chief Operations Officer, Dr. CJ Jones, and Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Daniel Mbugua.

Daniel Mbugua, CFO and CJ Jones, COO on a recent trip to Ileret.

Daniel has over fifteen years of hands-on expertise in various leadership and management roles having worked in the banking, INGO, Automotive, and consulting sectors. He is a results-driven financial management professional dedicated to fostering financial sustainability, strategic planning, and operational efficiency across commercial and non-profit sectors. Daniel’s journey encompasses diverse local, regional, and international contexts, reflecting unwavering integrity and a commitment to delivering
value to stakeholders.
He holds a strong record of driving impact in the non-profit sector, including seven years as Chief Finance Officer at Opportunity International in Kenya. As CFO, he played a central role in advancing the organization’s mission of empowering disadvantaged individuals through financial inclusivity and comprehensive financial literacy initiatives, overseeing grant-funded projects supported by global agencies and donors. He is committed to impactful, sustainable change. He also serves on various school boards in the local community
Complementing his remarkable track record are academic and professional achievements including an MBA in Strategic Management, a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance, CPA-K certification, and ICPAK membership. Daniel brings an eye for detail, passion for efficiency and cutting-edge skills to his role as the Chief Finance Officer at TBI.

”Integrity is the unwavering compass that guides us towards results that truly matter.”

Thirty years living and working across Africa has led CJ Jones to become a passionate food systems disrupter. Driven by the need to create food justice through greater access equity and better use of available resources CJ had built a number of inclusive ‘for profit’ businesses that drive to this vision. Under the umbrella of UTU Food4Good, CJ has built a viable, investor attractive businesses that break the mould in areas as diverse as food waste, innovations around forgotten foods, packaging innovation and cutting-edge food technology. She has led from the grassroots in rangelands, through setting up sustainable farms and livestock production systems.

Born in rural Australia CJ’s thinking has been shaped by environments that are uncompromising to the careless custodian. Misuse of ecosystem services through production waste in a broken supply chain, conspicuous consumption and burgeoning population pressure, especially in fragile eco-systems motivates her disruptive approach to building a new food system. Couple this with a professional background as an Investment Banker, administrator, organisational strategist and leader CJ has positioned herself at the edge of change, confident that this view is founded on extensive experience and real insights, prepared to drive investment into this change so that the transformation can be sustainable, equitable and ethical.

CJ brings her vast experience in remote areas, boundless energy and deep love for drylands to her role as the Chief Operations Officer for TBI.

“It’s a great honour to be able to work with the team, Dr Martins and the Boards of TBI. I am excited by the prospects we have as a team and Global Institution”.