TBI has been organizing a number of football tournaments in Ileret to keep the youth engaged and active during this long school hiatus due to COVID-19. With schools closed indefinitely, students were sent back to their villages with little opportunity for engagement and activity, leaving them vulnerable to early marriages, teenage pregnancies, and drug abuse. Through a donation from the family of John Hartwall, teams were formed, and uniforms and equipment were purchased.

A total of 7 male and 4 female teams participated in the three-week-long competition. In addition to the great fun it provided local youth, the tournament also provided a platform to discuss issues such as high school dropout rates, and advocated for a mentorship program to help students excel academically and socially.

It also gave an opportunity for individuals from various area institutions and organizations to join in the fun – for example, a team of Wazee (“old men” in KiSwahili)  competed against the youth, strengthening intergenerational relationships and building trust with these local institutions.

A similar tournaments are planned for communities on the west the lake, specifically Kerio Ward near TBI-Turkwel, to provide similar recreational options for students in Turkana County.

One of the top two girls’ teams – Ileret Starlets

The other top two girls’ team – White angels

One of the top two boys’ teams – Assumah

Other of the two boys’ teams – Surge team

Institutions team – Team Wazee