Meet Margaret Shuoro! A teacher at Ileret’s primary school. She became a teacher just a year ago but has already inspired many students.

Spotlight Teacher: Margaret Shuoro

Growing up Daasanach, Margaret experienced many difficulties. Battling through it all she became one of the few in her family to earn an education, going all the way to college. Throughout our stay in Ileret the Global Innovation crew has experienced the harsh gender roles of the Daasanach culture. Margaret recognizes this and aims to be a positive role model to all students, encouraging them to look past those roles. This goes beyond just inspiring girls, boys are shown that women can and should have equal opportunities through her actions as well.

In a quick interview we asked Margaret several questions:

Q: Why are you a teacher at Ileret?

I became a teacher because I want to teach my community because there are few women education wise.

Q: You came to teach here because you grew up here?

Yes, I was born in Ileret.

It was an honor meeting Margaret and we wish her the best of luck with her future career! The Global Innovation crew would also like to extend a warm thanks to all teachers at Ileret’s primary school for all of their help and hospitality.