During the TBI field school, it is important to take time off from studying and have a bit of leisure time. When the students are constantly working, may it be preparing for an exam or putting together a presentation, it is sometimes hard to stop and take a break. However, we always make sure the students slow down and have fun once in a while. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy your free-time at TBI. On our day off, we normally take a trip to the lake. In our free time we also play soccer or board games and sometimes have hula-hoop competitions. Because the students love playing soccer so much, we started taking more trips after classes to the local field to play against some of the staff and locals. It is not only fun but it gives the students an excuse to run around and get their mind off schoolwork for an hour or two.


TBI vs Ileret village…who will win??



run, run, run!!




The soccer crew!

If the students aren’t playing soccer, sometimes you can find them having hula-hoop competitions. It is definitely a great way to move around and have a few laughs!


Toby tries the really big hula-hoop!



Esther and Toby try to hula hoop together


Even TA Jayde gives it a try!


Since we are not too far from the village of Ileret, students sometimes go to the local field to play soccer/football and those who don’t play, interact with the children. In addition, we even had the opportunity to visit and learn a bit about Daasanach culture when TBI field assistant and fossil hunter, Sale, opened up his home to the field school students. Here, we all gathered and enjoyed each others company over hot tea. After visiting Sale, not one student left without a smile on their face and they all asked if we could go back again (which, of course, we did). Since the students loved spending time with Sale’s family so much, we also took a trip to the beach together. Sale was very happy to see students enjoy their time in Ileret!


Students enjoying some tea and a light afternoon snack!


group photo in front of Sale’s home!


Each student with their new friends on the way to the lake!


Mille and Jon make a funny face with Cholo

Esther embraces the lake breeze while Jon soaks up the sun in the back

Esther embraces the lake breeze while Jon soaks up the sun in the back

Emily makes some new friends too!

Emily makes some new friends too!



The students take one last group photo with all the friends they made at the lake

The students take one last group photo with all the friends they made at the lake

Living in the desert does not stop these students from having fun! In fact, it doesn’t stop them from celebrating Halloween either! Since many of them did not think of bringing a costume, they had to get creative and work with what they had here at TBI. Check out the students’ creativity below!


Esther dressed up as Jon and Millie dressed up as Esther!


Morgan decided to be cave art for Halloween! Check out those awesome cave paintings


Max and Yvette were Day Man and Night Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What a great pair!


Kathryn was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Carla was Princess Leia from Star Wars and Danielle was a fire bender!



The staff made the students a Halloween cake and the students attempted to decorate it!

May it be playing soccer, spending time at the lake, or dressing up for a holiday, the students always find a way to make new memories and have more laughs here at TBI. Check in soon to see how their Human Evolution module is going!