On 26-27 September 2014 at Toulouse, France, in the symposium The African Human Fossil Record. This public event, open to researchers and students in paleoanthropology and prehistory as well as to the nonprofessional audience, will present thirteen talks provided by eminent specialists discussing the ancestry, life-history, diet, behavior, and other aspects of early Homo.

The panel of speakers includes Thure Cerling, Ronald J. Clarke, Christopher Dean, Francesco d’Errico, Frederick Grine, Sonia Harmand, John Hawks, Jean-Jacques Hublin, William Kimble, Meave Leakey, Fred Spoor, Christopher Stringer, and Bernard Wood.

A key event of the symposium will be the award ceremony at the Muséum d’histoire naturelle of Toulouse in honor of Meave Leakey, who will present a public talk entitled “Fieldwork in Africa, an Historical Perspective.”

Read more about the event at www.tahfr.cnrs.fr