On Sunday the students returned to the school to begin the second phase of the mural: Outlining the main animals and painting in the blue background.

Some of the more artistic students showed off their skills by drawing and painting these main animals onto the wall.

Casey began the day drawing a fantastic Zebra:

Casey and her zebra

Casey and her zebra.

While Casey worked on her zebra, Lorraine made her contribution with this cute giraffe:

Lorraine and her Giraffe

Lorraine and her Giraffe.

Luisa and Kat shifted away from the idea of drawing animals and took the opportunity to draw Africa and Madagascar:

Luisa and Kat outlining the continent of Africa

Luisa and Kat outlining the African continent.

After the biggest animals were completed, it was time to fill in the spaces!

Students cover the white of the wall with a beautiful light blue.

Students cover the white of the wall with a wonderful light blue.

As the morning came to a close, everyone came together for a fun game of frisbee.

Game of Frisbee!

Game of Frisbee!

Return next week for the exciting finale!