Students had a fun and successful day hunting for fossils. The first stop was the site called Losodok – a landscape of rolling hills and – lucky for us – lots of wind. Temperatures can easily sore above 100 F or 40 C during the day. Losodok dates to over 15 million years ago and is famous for its ape fossils (Kamoyapithecus hamiltoni).  Students found many fragmented fossilized bones, including those of turtles and large mammals (elephants?).

Searching for fossils at Losodok

Fossils are not always as visible as these bone fragments

Devora and her fossil

Hanna in full focus

Disger found a fossil

Sarah and Kim showing off their fossil

The second site visited is named Moruorot and has animal fossils that date to 17 million years ago.  Again, students located many pieces of fossilized bone of various mammals.

Dr Meave Leakey is examining a fossil that Anna found

Chelsea was the first one to find a fossil.

Eli showing his fossil to Dr. Meave Leakey

Mark and Robert found some fossilized bones of a very big mammal.

Students taking refuge on a shady rock ledge.