The students have been studying Vertebrate Paleontology with Profs Rene Bobbe and Kyalo Manthi for the current module

As part of this they recently made a timeline of the Earth’s History using toilet paper. Here are some of the highlights from this fun exercise…

T-paper taped to the ground - let life begin!


The Earth begins at 5 billion years (there was some debate about the date!)

The party begins with bacteria at 3.5 billion years ago!

Photosynthesis begins at 3.25 billion years ago

Profs Kyalo Manthi and Rene Bobbe watch students working on the timeline

The first multicellular organisms appear at 0.65 billion years ago

Land plants arrive at 0.5 billion years ago, followed by the first fish!


A Nile Perch I saw in Lodwar a few days ago!

Archer working on the timeline

Here come the first tetrapods!

Bye-bye Dinosaurs at 65 million years ago!

Elaine and Hui working on the timeline

Here come the rodents!

And here come the primates!

Ken is underwhelmed by all these developments!

The Genus Homo appears at a mere 2.3 million years ago


"And the rest is just history!"