TBI Students concluded their first week of their geology coursework with a trip out to Central Island on Lake Turkana. Central Island is a volcanic island located in the middle of Lake Turkana in Kenya. It is also the location of Central Island National Park, and it is composed of more than a dozen volcanic craters and cones, some of which are filled by small lakes.

Flamingo Crater on Central Island

After riding the lorry Kalakol Town, we bounced along the surface of the lake to Central Island.


On Central Island we hiked into flamingo crater to study the volacanic features of the crater and island, as well as study the composition of the soil.

Stratigraphy of Flamingo Crater in Central Island

After a steep, dusty hike, students cooled off in the lake with only one minor crocodile sighting before heading home.

Our boat waiting for us on the beach