The Turkana Basin in northern Kenya contains a treasure trove of evidence for human evolution from seven million years ago until the last few hundred years. This includes the ancestors of all humans alive on the planet today, the first appearance of anatomically modern humans, and the famed Turkana Boy. Turkana is literally where humans came from and much remains to be discovered.

By choosing Air Turkana for your next flight, you will help uncover the next chapter in the human story.


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The Turkana Basin Institute was founded by Richard Leakey as an independent, international research institute to facilitate all areas of scientific research in the Turkana Basin. All profits from Air Turkana are devoted to TBI to support scientific research on the Kenyan origins of humankind.

The TBI Caravan is a brand new Cessna Grand Caravan EX. This top of the range aircraft is maintained and operated by Phoenix Aviation, based at Wilson Airport. The aircraft is equipped with oxygen and air conditioning and can seat 10-12 passengers depending on luggage carried.