Due to increasing popularity, Turkana Basin Institute Field Schools has launched its own website. Please visit KenyaStudyAbroad.org for the latest information on our programs, including:

About our Field School programs

The Turkana Basin Institute offers an extraordinary, full-semester field school program in Kenya. At the Origins Field School, students can earn 15 upper-division Stony Brook credits studying in the very place the Leakey family and their colleagues have made, and continue to make, unprecedented discoveries in the field of human prehistory.

No other set of courses will give you an experience like this. So when the Spring semester begins in January, and your fellow students are braving snow and freezing rain, you could be studying and learning outdoors in warm, sunny Kenya.

For more information, including how to apply, please visit KenyaStudyAbroad.org or call the office of the Turkana Basin Institute at (631) 632-5800.

Hear what students have to say about the Origins Field School.

studentshilarylindaProf. Hildebrand teaches John Ekusi how to run the total station machine.A view of the beautiful Lothagam ridge system.Jen carefully records information for the map of the Lothagam Harpoon site.Evan takes a closer look at a tool from Kokiselei.Maddie takes a careful measurement on the Paranthropus skull to later calculate cranial capacity.elephantsmaddiesurveyMilena and Kaitgalanalookoutrobbobmaddiejenadripickfancycamelspring-2016Ryan examines the similarities and differences of the pelvises of different species.toothjawcomparisonsmaximcroctoothAdele meets the newest member of the family. He seems intrigued...Niguss gets a closer look at the specialized leaves on the desert rose tree.We safely arrived at Ileret, excited to start the second half of the ecology module (don't worry, the rest of the students made it too).A mother and infant Grevy's zebra pose for a photo.giraffelook_smallequatorMoving up to find the best view.