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Turkana Basin Institute’s research facilities

  • TBI facilitates scientific research in the Turkana Basin region of northern Kenya by making lodging, equipment, and related services available to scientists who wish to work here.
  • Until now, logistics of conducting research in this remote region have been difficult and expensive.
  • In 2005, Richard Leakey and Stony Brook University joined together to create the Turkana Basin Institute to support researchers wishing to work in this scientifically important part of the world.
  • TBI now has a fully-functional research facility near the village of Nachechichok on the Turkwel River, on the west side of Lake Turkana...
  • ...and is finishing construction of permanent infrastructure at its second facility near the village of Ileret on the east side of the lake.
  • The Turkwel campus is beautifully situated with spectacular views of the Turkwel river and the surrounding exposures of Pliocene sediments.
  • TBI's facilities have hosted international scientific conferences for the last four year, bringing together top scientists from around the world.
  • The conference facilities are designed to facilitate formal and informal sessions.
  • Large groups can work around a conference table and dine together.
  • All buildings have running water, electricity and bathrooms and the lab building has wireless internet access via satellite link.
  • With both dormitory-style accommodations and cottages available, our facilities can house up to 60 individuals at a time.
  • The cottages for visiting scientists provide spacious and comfortable accommodation with private bathrooms, kitchen area, a large bedroom and verandas on all sides that provide shady locations with good breezes.
  • The campus has a large fossil preparation facility with four trained preparators who work all year so that fossils are rapidly made available for scientific study.

About TBI’s Facilities

TBI provides logistical support to researchers, greatly facilitating fieldwork in the remote and extensive Turkana Basin area of northern Kenya. By making available such necessities as lodging, camping equipment, laboratories, four-wheel-drive vehicles, fuel, and skilled field assistants, new and exciting possibilities in scientific research can be realized as never before.

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Location of TBI Research Facilities