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About TBI’s facilities

TBI has built research centers on both sides of Lake Turkana to reduce the enormous logistic challenge of accessing many of the most important sites in the vast and remote Turkana Basin and to allow year-round research to take place.

TBI-Ileret is situated about five kilometers (3 miles) from Ileret village, close to the Kenya-Ethiopia border on the east side of Lake Turkana. The facility currently operates largely out of temporary structures and includes a permanent laboratory for the preparation and analysis of fossils. Construction of the permanent campus at Ileret began in January 2012 and should be completed in 2013.

TBI-Turkwel is situated on the west side of Lake Turkana, near Nakechichok on the Turkwel River. Construction was started in April 2008. The mess, student accommodation and the first laboratory buildings were completed just in time for a conference held at TBI-Turkwel in August 2009. Subsequently, two buildings to accommodate staff, a large laboratory, six cottages for visiting senior scientists and a vehicle maintenance workshop were completed early in 2012. At full capacity, the camp can accommodate 60 to 70 people (including support staff), catering from two kitchens and two eating and recreational areas.

Location of TBI Research Facilities