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About Deming Yang

Hello! My name is Deming Yang. I am the Resident Director for the Global Innovation Field School, Summer 2017. I am a PhD candidate in the IDPAS program at Stony Brook University and a TBI graduate fellow. Before joining Stony Brook for graduate school, I worked in Kenya for three years and gained amazing field experience. I have broad interests in early hominin evolution and paleoecology. My research is about dietary evolution in Plio-Pleistocene pig lineages.

The last few days at Mpala

In the last few days, students continued to learn about the savanna ecosystem and wildlife-human conflict, a very common problem faced by many Kenyans as well as people in other African countries. Perhaps one of the most extreme cases is the relationship between lions and pastoralists. Some of you may have heard about stories of [...]

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Ecologists in the field

The Fall 2015 TBI Origins Field School students have been learning the field ecology of African savanna at the Mpala Ranch located on the Laikipia plateau north of Mt Kenya. We have had amazing field excursions so far, visiting the lions, the hippo pool and the Mukenya Mountains. Our first few days of classes were mostly [...]

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