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About Deming Yang

Hello! My name is Deming Yang. I am the Resident Director for the Global Innovation Field School, Summer 2017. I am a PhD candidate in the IDPAS program at Stony Brook University and a TBI graduate fellow. Before joining Stony Brook for graduate school, I worked in Kenya for three years and gained amazing field experience. I have broad interests in early hominin evolution and paleoecology. My research is about dietary evolution in Plio-Pleistocene pig lineages.

Buluk and back again

It was 7:30 in the morning, cool and cloudy. The Field School truck set off from TBI Ileret for a three-hour drive to Buluk, about a 76 kilometre trip. It was a long-planned and well prepared journey. We had everything loaded up for what we would need in the three-day camping trip: water, food, tents, [...]

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Buried beneath a mountain of bones

The evolutionary theories we learned last time are powerful tools to explain the world we see today. How different organisms go from simple to complex has always amazed me. I believe our students feel the same way. We also had in-depth discussions about systematics and phylogeny among ourselves. Some of the topics were even philosophical. [...]

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Toilet paper and phylogeny

We are in the fifth week of the 2015 Fall Origins Field School and we have started out third module: Vertebrate Paleontology! In this module, we have our new instructor Dr. Ellen Miller from Wake Forest University. Dr. Miller has been working in the Turkana Basin for more than a decade and had incredible field [...]

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Bones and Rocks of contention

Last time, we learned about stratigraphy and the law of superposition. Now the students are going to use this information to come up with a reasonable interpretation of the age of fossils. Imagine that we already know the age of a specific layer of sediments in the Turkana Basin. According to the law of superposition, [...]

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All about stratigraphy

In the second week of the Geology module, we are deepening our understanding of stratigraphy with Dr. Christopher Lepre from Columbia University. Stratigraphy is an integral component of geology in the Turkana Basin. It is the relationship between layers of rocks or sediments, and one of the most important relationship is the law of superposition. It [...]

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Rain, rocks and sediments

In the last few days of the Geology module, students learned about the climate system in East Africa as a foundation for the sedimentology of Lake Turkana. Dr. Christopher Lepre, the module instructor from Columbia University, started with how the earth moves and how it affects the heat distribution between different climate zones, as well [...]

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Geology module begins!

The Fall 2015 Origins Field School students have successfully accomplished the Ecology module by presenting their scientific thinking and design through their project proposals. Dr. Dino Martins, the director of Mpala, said that it had been a delightful two weeks to live and interact with the field school students. A follow-up blog will be posted [...]

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Into the desert

After a successful week at Mpala, students are thrilled by being exposed to all the wildlife there. Beautiful giraffes, elephants and lots of antelopes. With the staring of the second week of the Ecology module, students arrived at TBI Ileret where the environment is totally different. On our flight north, students had a chance to [...]

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